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Lightweaver Photography offers quality photography services, including personal and family portraits, nature and landscape photography and prints, event photography, photojournalism and photo restoration services.

I find beauty and interest all around me, in people and in nature. Through this page, I hope to share some of the wonder and the beauty that surrounds me and the special people who are part of my life.

I love the history and wisdom written in the faces of older people who have lived full and interesting lives as much as I adore the tender innocence of infancy, the sweetness and mischief of childhood, and the discovery of adolescence. I rejoice in the wonder of young love, and in the devotion of long-married couples.

Many of my nature and landscape photos were taken in beautiful northwest Wyoming in places such as Yellowstone National Park, Chief Joseph Scenic Highway, the Beartooth Scenic Highway, and the Big Horn Mountains. 

My photographic adventures can include elk, bison, deer, mountain goats, grizzly bears, black bears, marmots and other wildlife. I am constantly awed by a beautiful sunset or a mountain landscape. Nature often leaves me breathless. 

But some of my favorites were taken just a few miles down the road from where I live. I may be driving down a city street or a mountain highway and see something in a different light than I've seen it before, and I am mesmerized. I have to stop to capture the moment.Though most of my travels are within Wyoming or neighboring states, I get a chance to see the world through local opportunities.

I learn about and take photos of many cultures through the international student program at our local community college, and through other interesting venues, such as an annual Native American Powwow in Cody, Wyoming. The beauty of the places near me leaves me breathless with wonder, and the people around me inspire me, amuse me and fill me with awe. I think they will do the same for you.


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